About Our Sauces

 We have been making junk free sauces since 2010. We don’t use thickeners, emulsifiers or man made preservatives. We use natural ingredients, just like the ones you’d use if you were making sauce in your own kitchen. 

Not only are our sauces junk free, they are vegan and gluten free, because we want everyone to enjoy our sauces together.

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Easy Meal Ideas

Jerk Paste

Marinading with Jerk Paste

Chef Bernie’s Jerk Paste will marinade you up to 2 ½ kilos of meat or vegetables. Marinade in the fridge for 12 - 24 hours before cooking. No added sugar in this paste means it’s ideal for BBQ’s and grilling.

Curry Coconut Sauce

Cream Sauce

Add 1 heaped desert spoon off Chef Bernie’s Curry Coconut sauce to a small pot of single cream (non dairy if you prefere) heat through gently without boiling  and poor over your supper - serves 4

Garlic Sauce

Stir Frying

As your finishing off your stir fry add a dessert spoon of Chef Bernie’s Garlic Sauce to add heat and flavour - serves 2

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