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Swordfish with fried plantain & pineapple on a bed of spinach

Swordfish with fried plantain & pineapple on a bed of spinach

1 nice piece of Swordfish or similar white fish with firm flesh 

1 ripe plantain

100g sweet ripe pineapple

200g bag of washed spinach

Coconut or olive oil

Salt & pepper to taste


How to prepare the Plantain.

Cut off the top and tail of the plantain which should look fairly black and if it was a banana you would probably throw it away. You will see the inside a lovely light orange creamy colour. Make a cut from the top to the bottom of the plantain through the skin, one cut each side, then peel off the skin.

Slice the plantain long ways, make sure you are careful not to slice your hand! You will be left with long thin strips which you will shallow fry in coconut  or olive oil.

If your spinach is not washed do so now, and then put into a lidded saucepan ready to heat.

Now heat some oil in a fry pan and start your plantain after one side is brown put the fish in and start to cook - 3 mins each side but test don't over cook, try cutting a small piece with a knife.

When the plantain is half cooked turn on the spinach to a high heat, stir as soon as it starts to cook, as soon as the spinach has wilted turn it off.

Remove the fried plantain onto some kitchen roll on a plate.

Now finish off the fish with adding in the pineapple to heat up to get a little colour.

Serve up and enjoy! 

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