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What to do with all that left over veg in the fridge

I'm not sure about you but in our household we often have 'left overs' in the fridge and now and again we end up just making a dish out of all those bits of veggies. Adding a couple of extras, like a tin of chick peas, some herbs and finishing it off with Hot Chilli Mango Sauce is just about perfect for us. Here's one I did earlier!

Slicing and chopping my left overs, carrot, celery, bok choy, purple onion, broccoli and a few peas.

Putting on the rice (basmati) cooking as per instructions on packet

Heating my large stainless fry pan and putting a couple of slugs of olive oil

Putting in the carrot, celery a onion and frying off for a couple of minutes before adding in the rest of the ingredients and the tin of chick peas,

Mix well and cover with a lid (medium or lowish heat to prevent burn)

After a couple of minutes hold the lid on and toss the veg inside so you do not lose the steam being created inside the pan

When ready toss in some fresh herbs, what ever you prefer, we love coriander with this one.

Check on the rice and when cooked drain

Serve up when your veg is cooked how you like it, I prefer my nice and crisp 'al dente'

Serve with a good dollop of Hot Mango Chilli Sauce - bon appétit


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