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Chef Bernie's Taster Box Set

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Taster Pack

Want to send a present or try out of some tastes?

Choose your options for this great present for someone you love, share with friends or just indulge for yourself!

Choices from no heat to blow your head off.

This smart black carrier box comes with 3 x 100g bottles of you choice, use the drop down menus to choose which sauces you would like. 

Choose from:
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Sweet Pepper & Ginger
  • Banana Ketchup
  • Sweet Pepper & Mustard
  • Hot Chilli Mango
  • Jerk Sauce
  • Very Hot Sauce
  • *New - Smokey Hot Sauce
  • *New - Stir Fry Sauce

Size of bottles 3 x 100g


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