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The Chef Bernie Sauce Club

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Sauce Club

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Joining the Chef Bernie Sauce Club makes so much sense, first of all you choose three of your favourite sauces OR why not go for three new flavours, the choice is yours! Wear your Chef Bernie Apron for fun and start COOKIN' !

Better still join us on Facebook Live Streaming on Tuesday nights to get inspiration to try our recipes and if you live locally come over to Sauce Central in Southampton for LIVE COOKIN's where you can meet us and sample lots of food made with our sauces.


Join now and receive


  • 3 Chef Bernie Sauces 

  • A Chef Bernie Apron 

  • *Regular Discounts on Sauces (20% - 4 times per year)

  • Exclusive VIP Tickets for Live COOKIN' Events (25% off regular ticket price)

  • Latest Recipe Books

  • Monthly News Featuring New Recipes

  • Priority entrance to all Chef Bernie future events 


Join now and become a Sauce Club member and start enjoying your lovingly made by me recipes!

          * Discounts are sent out 4 times a year and can be used for purchases in the month issued.


            We both love food and we have been experimenting with it all our lives. We enjoy trying out new ways of preparing and eating it and yet we always come back to the same old challenge, we love food but lack time! Chatting to our clients we found many of them had the same challenge and through a survey we ran last year a lot of people were asking 'what do I use the sauces with' or 'how do I use the sauces'. Also some customers wanted to spend more time with Bernie learning how he cooks his delicious meals.

            We were inspired to set ourselves the challenge of coming up with a range of sauces that we could keep in the cupboard and make meals fast, easy and tasty and then share this with our customers.

            Our Tropical Cook in Sauces and Pastes were born along with recipes and ideas for delicious fast Caribbean style food. We created the Sauce Club with it's Live and virtual COOKIN's as a way of sharing and creating a community of people who enjoy food but don't always have lots of time! 

            Our wish for you is that you get lots of foodie ideas and fun from being a member and we look forwards to meeting you soon,

            Bon Appétit!

            Bernie & Caroline




            Q) What time are the LIVE COOKIN's and how do I get tickets? 

            A) The first Tuesday of the month from 6.30 - 9pm 4 x per year in April, July, October and *January. Invites to purchase tickets will be sent out via email to you after you join up and through the year, we use Eventbrite to organise the ticket sales and take payments.

             (*January is the second Tuesday of the month) 

            Q) How do I join the VIRTUAL COOKIN's 

            A) Join up to Facebook and like and follow our page  you will receive Facebook updates, VIRTUAL COOKIN's will be on Tuesdays we will confirm the time on facebook and via email.


            Q) If I want to join in with the VIRTUAL COOKIN's how do I make sure I have the right sauces that you are going to use on the night

            A) All you need to do is to go onto our blog and a list of the months recipes will be here

            Q) If I have a Sauce Club membership can I also join the online REWARDS CLUB and claim discounts on there as well?

            A) Yes you can but you can only use one discount at a time online


            Q) After I place my order and receive my product and apron how do I receive my benefits from you for the rest of the year?

            A) We will keep in touch via email, when you have made your online account and purchased your membership you need to give us permission to send you email so make sure you do not untick the permission box at checkout :-)

            You will receive a discount code every 3 months in January, April, July & October. These coincide with our LIVE COOKIN' events. You can either purchase online and have your sauces delivered via post or pick up at the event if you are attending. The discount will be valid for the month issued.


            Q) Does this membership automatically renew after one year?

            A) No you will need to repurchase it after one year but we will send you a reminder email near the time


            Q) Will the membership benefits be the same every year?

            A) Not necessarily we will listen to members suggestions on what they would like going forwards into next year.


            Q) I want to gift this membership to a friend or family member how can I do this?

            A) Just place your order write a personal note in the note box at check out and make sure you fill in their details in the shipping address area as well as their telephone number. We will send them all the information they need. 


            Q) What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

            A)  Should you wish to be removed from our database before one year is up, send us an email or unsubscribe on any newsletter you have received. You will immediately be removed from the list and not receive any more updates with discounts or benefits. If you require a refund of monies paid you would need to refer to our T & C's  here  for returning the product to us

            Please do get in touch if you have any other questions we will be happy to solve them with you :-)

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