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Three Stones & A Fire








 St Lucia to the UK                  




On a Sunday, as a young boy, Chef Bernie could be found with the family making food to share the Caribbean way; on the beach, with the waves lapping on the shore, breezy hot days, with boys resting in the almond trees. Sundays were family days; food was brought down to the beach, well-seasoned, scotch bonnet peppers and herbs always on-hand to make the sauce. Three stones were placed, and a fire was lit in the middle! Food was cooked the whole day, as a one-pot or grilled, three or four batches as more people joined in and brought food along.

On another Island, but now here in the UK, Caroline’s mother was busy creating homemade dishes for the guests in their hotel on the Isle of Wight. Caroline’s father, often fishing off the needles for the ‘catch of the day’ for the guests. Food would always be accompanied by a wonderful homemade sauce. Dressing for dinner, sitting down for a five course evening meal, was the norm!

Skip forwards several years!

Bernie and Caroline, having met on St Lucia in 2000, falling in love and embarking on creating their first home together - a plywood house on stilts on the hillside next to James, Bernie’s father, overlooking the abundance of natural habitat of bananas, mangos, guavas and coconut trees out to the Caribbean Sea.

Three stones and a fire again, but under the wooden house this time! Cooking a one-pot for the first time had Caroline fearing the house would burn down, however it didn’t and delicious meals were created using the abundance of food growing. Sometimes with fish bought from the local fishermen, and always a little of James’ special hot sauce, with everyone eating in the shade under the house.

Later sitting on the veranda on those hot balmy evenings, listening to tree frogs and Bob Marley; dreaming up ideas to share foodie experiences with people. This started the seed, which today is Chef Bernie’s Sauces. The three stones have been swapped for induction cookers, but the love and attention are still as ever present in the cooking of the sauces as they were back in the day.

You have a true artisan product which we hope you will enjoy with just that added touch of the Caribbean sun in your life.