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Chef Bernie BBQ Box

Chef Bernie BBQ Box

  • £39.99

Whats in the Box

All the sauces and marinades you need to make a great Caribbean BBQ including all the recipes in a PDF download which you can download here

1 x 250g Jerk Sauce

1 x 250g Tomato Ketchup

1 x 250g Banana Ketchup

1 x 265g Garlic Sauce

1 x 260g Curry Coconut Sauce

1 x 260g Jerk Paste

1 x 100g Very Hot Sauce 

Downloadable BBQ Recipe Book

A selection of meat, veggie, vegan and fish recipes for you to create the perfect Caribbean BBQ with your family and friends.

Bringing together the very best of our BBQ sauces and marinades for you to easily prepare and serve your very own Caribbean BBQ.

One thing we know here at Sauce Central is many of our customers like to try something a bit different and that is why we have put together this BBQ pack of the very best tastes and Caribbean recipes for you to entertain your family and friends with your summer BBQ's!

You can download Chef Bernie's Caribbean BBQ e-book here 

The recipes are easy to follow and display your culinary skills with your friends! So go ahead and start COOKIN' with our sauces guaranteed to make your dishes a hit!

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